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Bearing in mind Convention on World Heritage and Operational Guidelines for Implementation of the Convention of World Heritage (February 2005) for carrying out certain expert and other assignments in the field of regular world heritage preservation «zone of the Old Bridge in the old city part in Mostar» and in full implementation of the measures prescribed by the management plan adopted recently (UNESCO) and application of those attitudes in a wider setting of the old city part (scientific and archaeological research, restoration, new use and permanent supervision), the City Council of the City of Mostar made a decision on establishment of the «Old Town» Agency (Agencija «Stari Grad»).

In conformity with the abovementioned Decision on establishment, «Old Town» Agency (Agencija «Stari Grad») is a legal entity and it enjoys the status of an independent administrative unit. «Old Town» Agency (Agencija «Stari Grad») is responsible to the City Council and to the mayor for its activity. It is obliged to submit a report on its operation at the request of the City council. In compliance with transparency principle, «Old Town» Agency (Agencija «Stari Grad») is obliged to give notifications and provide information on particular issues within its competence, which are in the immediate interest for operation of the public media. Means of labour disposed by the «Old Town» Agency (Agencija «Stari Grad») are determined in the budget of the City of Mostar. Revenues created by the Old Town» Agency (Agencija «Stari Grad») constitute budgetary funds of the City and they are applied for purposes laid down by law, by the budget of the City.