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UNESCO World Heritage

 Odbor za svjetsku baštinu upisao je
na UNESCO-ovu listu svjetske baštine
na 29.Sjednici u Durbanu,Južnoafrička

Video surveillance in the old part of the city of Mostar PDF Print E-mail

"Agencija Stari grad" Mostar implemented in late December 2014 „First phase of the video surveillance project" in the specific nucleus of UNESCO zone of the old part of the city in Mostar.

The purpose of the project is protection and presentation of the cultural-historical heritage of the specific nucleus of the old part of the city.

Preparation of the preliminary design and main design preceded this implementation of the project, as well as the issuing of the necessary permits on the part of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning.

The entire project anticipates to set up 15 IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, two out of them being HD (high definition) resolution panoramic cameras.

First project phase made the surveillance of five spots possible. Four fixed cameras were set up which cover the area in front of Hamam and Tabhana, a part of Onescuk street - „Prijecka carsija", park dedicated to Mostar poet Aleksa Santic, as well as Archive and installation in the „Agencija Stari grad Mostar". The fifth camera was set up with panoramic capabilities and it transmits its signal in HD resolution and it covers the area of Kujundziluk and a view to Neretva river from the northern side.

The system of video signal transmission from cameras was implemented wirelessly because of the protected UNESCO zone, and the „KAMIR d.o.o." (KAMIR l.l.c.) had to use special assembly techniques in order to mask the installations with an intention not to disturb the look of the old part of the city.
Central communication hub with video server is placed in a building of „Agencija Stari grad" Mostar", thereby simultaneously meeting the pre-requisites to continue the project even in phases if needed as the funds for it become available, including new cameras in the system.

Funds for the preparation of the project documentation and carrying out the works in the first phase were provided by the city of Mostar amounting 31.000 KM (convertible marks), and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in co-financing of the project with 13.000 KM (convertible marks).

If the necessary funds become available, it is planned that the lens of certain cameras should be set up as a „Live stream" on Internet with a purpose of cultural and touristic promotion of the city of Mostar.

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